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FNL Driving School is you partner when it comes to creating safe, conscientious teen drivers. We strive to meet the scheduling needs of our clients, as well as their instructional needs. Each student is assessed and evaluated throughout the 6 hour behind the wheel driver training course.


FNL Driving School is pleased to have one of the best 6 hour behind the wheel driving school programs in NJ. The 6 hour behind the wheel driving course is divided into three 2-hour sessions scheduled at a convenient time for you or your student driver.

While the state of NJ requires a 6 hour behind the wheel driving course to obtain your NJ practice permit if you are 16 years old, it is nowhere near enough time. It is important for you to continue taking the student out driving as much as possible to expose them to a variety of different driving situations.

The FNL Driving School team will work with you and your student driver to assess their skills and abilities and determine if they require additional lessons.

FNL is able to provide additional lessons beyond the 6 hour behind the wheel course if required. We typically schedule these additional driving lessons in either 1 or 2 hour increments after a new driver has had some supervised practice time with their parent or guardian.


One of the most exciting days in the life of a teenager is the day that they take their NJ road test and are able to get their drivers license. FNL Driving School is proud to play a part in that process and helping new drivers to learn the skills to be safe drivers.

FNL Driving School’s NJ road test service provides a certified driving instructor and an expertly maintained, dual controlled vehicle to pick you up on the day of your test, bring you to the NJ MVC Driver Testing Center, and then parents will need to meet the student at NJ MVC following the test to complete the licensing process.

We also provide an additional refresher practice lesson immediately prior to your test, where we will review and highlight important points like parallel parking, to help ensure the NJ road test is completed with confidence and ease!

Be sure to bring all of the required paperwork to your test. Click here to see what you need!


The State of New Jersey requires that all student drivers have their eyesight checked through a vision test. In order to pass the vision test, you must have 20/50 visual acuity with or without the use of corrective lenses.

If you pass the test using corrective lenses, you will have a restriction on your NJ drivers license indicating that you must wear these corrective lenses while behind the wheel. If you fail the test, you will have to visit your doctor and complete Form ST-14.

FNL Driving School is able to provide the vision test services in our office, eliminating the need to travel to the NJ MVC Driver Testing Center, providing another level of convenience for our customers.

FNL Driving School NJ - Vision Test


NJ Driver Manual 2021

FNL Driving School offers services for every step of the student driver journey. One of these very important steps is the NJ permit test, or the written knowledge test. The NJ permit test is a written exam on traffic laws, rules, and regulations which all student drivers are required to pass by obtaining a score of at least 80% on this 50-question test.

While many students do complete this test in their high school driver education class, some schools do not offer this course or the ability to take the NJ permit test.

FNL Driving School is certified by the State of NJ to provide the NJ permit test to any student that is 16 years of age, that signs up to take the 6 hour behind the wheel training with FNL Driving School. Further, FNL also offers the 30 Hour Driver Theory Course, the course commonly referred to as “driver’s ed” in the high schools. If you work with FNL Driving School for the 30 Hour Driver Theory Course, then you will take the NJ permit test, as part of the course, with FNL Driving School.

All students who take the test with FNL Driving School, will receive the results in a timely fashion, and FNL Driving School also provides review prior to and following the test, helping our students to be better prepared drivers.


Nancy Lustenberger (The “N” in FNL) has been an educator for over 30 years, and has taught every aspect of driver education, from the classroom programs to behind the wheel programs to defensive driving programs. In fact, Nancy currently teaches driver education theory classes in several local high schools.

FNL Driving School also offers a comprehensive, 30 hour driver theory course, which covers driving rules, safety, operation of the vehicle and goes deeper than most high school courses! Upon completion of the 30 hour driver theory course, you will receive a “blue card” and a certificate of completion that will enable you to receive discounts on your auto insurance, as well as being a much more prepared driver.

FNL Driving School NJ - Classroom Course


FNL Online Defensive Driving Course

FNL Driving School is pleased to offer an online defensive driving course.  This course provides the student with invaluable information on the proper techniques to be an alert, safe, and defensive driver.

This course is for drivers of any age, with any level of driving experience. Students that complete this course will receive a certificate of completion, and may be eligible to have up to 2 points removed from their driver license as well as discounts on their auto insurance.

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