FNL Driving School Team

FNL Driving School’s team of instructors are certified by the state of NJ. All of FNL’s instructors are personally trained by Nancy and Fred Lustenberger. Unlike many other driving schools in NJ, FNL has both male and female instructors. We will work with you to accommodate your request.

Please feel free to call us at your convenience to ask about or schedule an appointment with one of FNL Driving School’s expert driving instructors!

Meet The FNL Driving School Team


Owner | Chief Driving Instructor

Nancy, the “N” in FNL Driving School, started teaching health, physical education and driver education (both in the classroom and behind the wheel) in 1980. Over the past 30 years, Nancy’s passion for teaching driver education led her to opening her own driving school.

In 2007, with Fred, her husband and partner for over 30 years, FNL Driving School opened its doors. In addition to being a high school teacher, Nancy has been a coach for several sports, including: softball, baseball, volleyball, field hockey, soccer and winter track. She has coached all-star teams, youth leagues and has even been the VP of REGAL (River Edge Girls Athletic League).

Although Nancy officially retired from teaching in 2014, she is still very active both in sports and in teaching. Nancy teaches FNL’s 30 Hour Driver Theory Course in several private schools in the area, has recently given up her softball glove for a golf glove, and spends time with her three children, and her 5 grandchildren!

Nancy’s passion for sports and how it relates to driving (peripheral vision, management of space, anticipation of others actions, hand-eye coordination and even eye-foot coordination) has definitely helped her become one of the most sought after driver instructors in NJ!


Owner | Chief Driving Instructor

Fred, the “F” in FNL Driving School, was a Systems Analyst programmer for 35+ years in the medical health and financial industry. Fortunately for the drivers in NJ, when Nancy asked Fred to help her out over 10 years ago, he reluctantly said yes, and the rest is history.

From the moment Fred started teaching students behind the wheel, he fell in love with it, and has not stopped since!

Fred was fortunate enough to find his true calling – teaching teenagers how to drive. In fact, even after having three children and 5 grandchildren, he has learned that in teaching driving, it is the only time that you know more than a 16 year old!

Fred retired from the technology world in June of 2005, and focuses his full time on jointly owning and operating FNL Driving School with Nancy, his wife and partner of over 30 years.

The Lustenberger family all shares a passion for sports. Fred is a proud member of the all-decade Teaneck High School baseball team, as well as being a retired coach for little league, the travel club baseball and football teams.



Driving Instructor

Dan, aka Donato, is one of FNL Driving School’s driving instructors, specializing in new driver training. Dan absolutely loves to drive, and to pursue his passion for driving and working with people, he became a driving instructor over 15 years ago, and has been doing it ever since!

While Dan is usually behind the wheel coaching drivers of all ages, he sometimes takes a break to pursue his other passions. In his spare time, you can find him volunteering in his church ministries or in an intense game of chess.



Driving Instructor

Jackie, one of FNL Driving School’s instructor team, teaches health and physical education at Hasbrouck High School. Jackie absolutely loves teaching and working with high school age students.

A graduate from Montclair State University with a bachelors degree in exercise science and a masters degree is supervision of physical education, Jackie has received honors playing softball including 1st Team All American and 3rd Team All-Academic American.


Driving Instructor

Dane is one of FNL Driving School’s driving instructors, specializing in new driver training. He was raised in River Edge, and is the proud father of 2 and the grandfather of 4! An active athlete, Dane enjoys golf, softball, tennis and skiing.

When he’s not out on the golf course, or training behind the wheel, you can find Dane singing in his doo-wop group or his barber shop quartet.



Driving Instructor

Bob is one of FNL Driving School’s driving instructors and has been an instructor for the last 5 years, coming on board after retiring. When not on the road with students he enjoys time with his 4 children and 3 grandchildren. 

Bob and his wife are active travelers and travel around the US hiking, skiing and biking. He always has his camera on hand and enjoys disappearing in the wood to snap away. Depending on his driving schedule, you might see his camera in the back seat of the car to fill his down time between students.


Driving Instructor

In addition to being a member of FNL Driving School’s Driving instructor team, Russell is a retired Port Authority Police Officer and former high school/college athlete.

Russell enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and 2 dogs. He loves to drive and especially likes teaching high school students to drive and help develop them into safe, confident, and courteous defensive drivers

CHIP (Howard)

Driving Instructor

Chip is proud to be a member of the FNL Driving School driving instructor team. Chip earned his BS at Ithaca College and his Masters at Springfield College and is a retired Phys Ed./Driver’s Ed teacher and coach, with vast experience in working with all types of students.

He’s known for his patience and ability to adjust to all different learning styles and making students feel comfortable and confident. Chip really enjoys working with students in this age group. He’s an avid cyclist,  so keep an eye out for him on the roads!


Driving Instructor

Gary is one of FNL Driving School’s instructors, specializing in new driver training. Gary earned his master’s degree in Management at NJIT and is currently working for the county.

Gary discovered his passion for teaching students to drive when he was teaching his own twin daughters to drive. When not teaching driving, he enjoys watching superhero movies and working out at the gym.

Drive Safer™ Certified

FNL Driving School is proud to say that it is a Drive Safer Certified™ Driving School.

When choosing a driving school for your family, it is critical to select the correct school. Not all schools are the same and may not invest in the ongoing training and development of their staff, providing a thorough curriculum and having properly maintained equipment.

The Drive Safer Certified™ Driving School program is a game changer for Driving Schools and for students. Participating driving schools are sending a clear message – “We are worth every cent you are going to pay to teach your family member to drive safer!”

In order to become “certified” each and every one of the driving school instructors must take the Drive Safer course. These hand-selected driving schools invest in a significant amount of additional training for their instructors in defensive driving and advanced car control techniques, enhancing and further honing the skills of its driving instructors, and setting them apart from others.

Every Drive Safer Certified™ School receives a “Drive Safer Certified™” sticker to display in the window of each of their training vehicles. This sticker identifies the school as a school that cares, has invested time in enhancing the skills of their instructors and is committed to excellent driver education.

For more information about Drive Safer programs, please visit www.DriveSafer.com.

FNL Driving School NJ - Drive Safer Certified

The FNL Driving School Fleet

At FNL Driving School, we rely on Chevrolet vehicles for safety and reliability. Our current fleet consists of several late model and new Chevy Cruzes.

Our vehicles are fully equipped with front, passenger, and side air bags to provide complete and maximum protection for you or your student driver.

All of our vehicles are air conditioned, dual-control vehicles with special instructor’s mirrors installed. Our safety equipment ensures that the driving instructor has full visibility and control of the vehicle at all times.

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